How to Be the Most Fashionable Fitness Beauty from Around the World

Have you ever wanted to be the most fashionable fitness beauty from around the world? Well, this article will tell you how to do that! Here’s how to be the most fashionable fitness beauty from around the world.

Stretch before you exercise
Stretching is key for any type of workout, but it’s even more important before running or biking. You want your muscles to be stretched out before exercising so that they can work without feeling tight and cramped. Stretching will also help you warm up your muscles, blood vessels, and joints in order to prevent injury and allow for smoother movements during your workout.
With summer in full swing, one trend that has been constantly on my radar is print mixing. I have always loved prints because they add so much vibrancy and personality to an outfit; it takes an otherwise boring or basic piece of clothing and gives it a new life!

Get moving, no matter where you are
Rather than get frustrated by being stuck in one place, make your fitness routine more flexible and give yourself opportunities to explore more of the world. Through trying new things like hiking trails, cooking international food, and shopping in markets abroad, you’ll be bringing home both a souvenir for your family and memories for yourself. Plus with all that walking, you’ll be sure to put those pounds on too! So go on and book that trip–because it doesn’t end when you come back.

Eat smart – and often
Eating healthy and nutritious food should be your priority, but it’s not always easy when you’re on the go. You may want a healthy snack while out shopping, but if you don’t have any of your favorites on hand, settle for a banana or some watermelon slices. When at work or on-the-go, you might find that eating something small is easier than trying to get a full meal in. Set up a fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables at your office so that grabbing something as an afternoon snack is just one step away! Don’t forget: even if you are eating something out of hand that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy – Greek yogurt is healthier for you than some cookie snacks.

Hydrate before, during, after
Hydration is one of the key aspects that is vital for human health. We recommend you drink up to 8 glasses of water per day in order to stay healthy. Drinking more water can:
-increase metabolism, leading to a faster weight loss process;
-increase nutrient absorption, making you healthier and stronger;
-keep skin smooth and soft;
-reduce feelings of hunger, helping maintain weight control and combat obesity. Keep these five points in mind when it comes to drinking water: hydrate before, during, after working out and whenever you’re thirsty!

Know your skin type
My skin type is oily and prone to breakouts, so this means I have a few different needs when it comes to my skincare routine. If you’re acne-prone, you’ll need heavy duty skincare that will keep your breakouts at bay. Remember: your goal should be total skin clarity, not just preventing blemishes. Check out these tips for how to do just that!

Manage stress
Workplace stress is really tough on your mind and body. Over time, anxiety can lead to health issues like heart disease, depression and headaches. In other words, you need more than just a doctor’s note when it comes to managing your stress levels at work. Here are some great tips that may help you reduce your workplace stress:
*Keep in touch with friends who don’t work in your industry (at least one hour a day).
*Create positive rituals for yourself. For example, drink herbal tea before a meeting. Try breathing exercises when you start feeling tense or have negative thoughts about the future.

Use a natural skin care routine
A good skin care routine starts with cleansing your face every day. Cleansing removes makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria that clog pores and cause breakouts. Add toner, which can help keep your skin clear and helps by removing any traces of cleanser residue and enhances the absorption of skin care products. A moisturizer or lotion is essential because it can nourish, repair or soothe dry or sensitive skin. It’s also important to use sunscreen everyday if you’re going outdoors. Plus, don’t forget all the extra beauty staples like mascara and lip gloss!

Look good in selfies (or not!)
The important thing is, you are happy and have fun in your selfies. You never know when someone might save it as their wallpaper or share it with others. We all have a photo we don’t like. Show that photo off too! Embrace who you are and what you like about yourself. This will help build confidence!

Wear what makes you happy
Fashion is subjective and just because a trend isn’t popular in your hometown doesn’t mean it’s not a good look. If you are rocking what makes you happy, no one can stop you! Make sure that when putting outfits together, they are cohesive and don’t have any clashing colors or patterns. Don’t wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable either. It’s always important to love how you look because how else will other people see how fabulous you really are?

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