Fashionista Creativity: Famous Trends to Watch Out For

Did you know that the average American woman owns 36 different outfits? Whether you’re an average fashionista or an extraordinary one, that’s pretty impressive. However, your inspiration doesn’t stop there. The fashion world never sleeps, and neither should you as far as your sense of style goes! Every season brings new trends and new designers, so if you want to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not, check out this list of the 5 most important upcoming trends!

Top Trending Bright Colors
The bright colors trend is taking off this season and we are here for it. Almost every fashion house has incorporated at least one item in the brights family into their latest collection. From ultra-bright magentas and neon oranges, to bold yellows and electric blues, there is a color waiting for you! Fashion designers have been cooking up ways to incorporate these high energy colors into any outfit as well. We think that some of the best trends come from high-fashion so it’s not surprise that more subtle iterations of the bright colors are popping up on Spring runways too. These tones range from pastel pinks, greens, and blues. All shades work so well with such muted neutrals as black or white which really help add some interest into an otherwise plain outfit!

Monochromatic Looks with Contrasting Colors
Look monochromatic and use colors to create contrast. This trend is one of the easiest ways to ensure your look stands out and can be made in any color family. Below are some examples of this trend that you can wear from head-to-toe or use as a base for an outfit.
Another popular monochromatic look uses black-and-white in different shades or textures, such as lace and silk, respectively. From there, bold colors are used as accents – belts, purses, shoes, jewelry – anything goes with this dress code!
Monochromatic looks with bright colors are also trending hard these days!

Polka Dot Mania
The polka dot craze is back in full force and they’re popping up everywhere! These dots add a pop of flavor and fun to any ensemble. From dresses, shorts, shoes and more- there’s no shortage of spots for these fashionable polka dots! The latest trends are seeing polka dots on the shoulder straps, at the bottom of the dress and more! Now is the time to snatch up those trendy pieces you’ve been eyeing before they’re gone. Check out these stylish polka dot picks for summer:
Look #1 – Casual Day Date Look with an On-Trend Dress
Dress – Madewell
Necklace – c/o Shop Adorn
Shoes – Steve Madden Dining Table Runner – Shop HomeSense

Neutrals Get A Colorful Update
Last season, brands introduced an increasing number of colorful eye shadows and shades of lip gloss, but this season the neutrals are getting some love. Although darker colors are not quite as popular as they were before this might be a good chance for everyone who has always been more comfortable with those shades to mix it up with some brighter alternatives. Brands have been coming out with bright pinks and oranges in their palettes, as well as tonal differences in other neutrals like nude or taupe. This is also a great time for experimenting with pastels if you’re feeling adventurous! There’s nothing wrong with going a little wild when you’re out exploring all that fashion has to offer.

Cropped Tops and Skirts with Tailored Shorts
Designers are redefining current and future trends. They take a singular fashion trend, such as cropped tops with tailored shorts, and create many different styles for women of all shapes and sizes. Every day, designers add more pieces to the trendy wardrobe. The term that defines this process is ‘transgressive dressing’. It means when you wear clothes from any period in history or borrow inspiration from your grandmother’s closet. This sounds like fun but might be challenging. One way to have fun while mixing up your wardrobe is by adding tailoring details in unexpected places; whether it’s faux pockets, pleats, darts or an asymmetrical hemline at the bottom of a shift dress, these seemingly minor alterations can completely change the style of an outfit.

Statement Denim Jackets
Denim jackets have been making a comeback for years now. A good quality denim jacket is still one of the best investments you can make as it will never go out of style. So if you’re looking for a wardrobe staple that will last, look no further than the latest trends for some great styles! A lot of times people think about investing in things like shoes or a handbag but what about your jeans? Jeans are on trend this season and I would highly recommend getting them tailored so they fit you perfectly. If you don’t want to spend too much money, I recommend going with straight leg jeans because they are more universally flattering and they won’t ever fall off your waist!

Sequins Galore
Does the idea of owning a store that sells sequins make you want to shout YAS QUEEN in excitement? Well, too bad, because there’s more than just that type of place. From hardware stores, pharmaceutical stores, nail salons and law firms, every industry is somehow trending with sequins. Check out these seven places that are opening their doors with this sparkly detail. Mansfield’s Hardware: Coming soon to Oklahoma City, Mansfield Hardware will have plenty of gold and silver sequin-covered shelves for all your house needs. Originally owned by three sisters who ran an antique shop before deciding they wanted to change it up, Mansfield’s Hardware is sure to be great addition to the Oklahoma City area. The Girlie Apparel Store:
Girlfriends take note! You’re going to love what The Girlie Apparel Store has waiting for you on their site. With an extensive collection of dresses, skirts, tops and bottoms, The Girlie Apparel Store has what you need from basics like a little black dress or crop top with leggings (or shorts) for date night! Polka Dots & Pearls Salon:
Think about where polka dots would go best… if it were up to me I’d say on my nails!

Floral Trend Takes Over Every Piece of Clothing You Own
Lately, flower prints have been popping up everywhere. People in the fashion industry are going nuts for this new trend. They’re even predicting that it will overtake every piece of clothing you own. From adorable sunflower patterns on sneakers to daisy embroidery on a skirt, flowers seem to be taking over the fashion world. There’s no denying that the floral trend is elegant and luxurious.
However, there’s a small issue with this trendy new look: you don’t want your floral clothes sitting at home collecting dust while you wear every other garment in your closet. The solution? Keep your key pieces–like that fancy jacket or sundress–simple with one or two prints thrown in.

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