Three Times You Can Wear that Fabulous New Outfit

It’s no secret that buying new clothes can be exciting, especially if they’re new to you and not just off the rack of the store where you shop all the time. But now that you have this great new outfit in your closet, what are you supposed to do with it? Keep it in your closet for only special occasions? Wearing it every day makes it look like you’re wearing the same thing every day, and that’s not good style at all! So how many times can you wear your new clothes before they become boring?

Wearing an outfit to more than one occasion
Everyone loves to find something new and fabulous when they go shopping. Sometimes though, we find the perfect dress or pair of pants and want to wear it everywhere- a party, then casually on the weekends, and then maybe to a wedding. The one thing you should know is: there’s nothing wrong with wearing your new clothes more than once. It’s really simple; just pair your new outfit with different accessories or layer it in a different way depending on where you’re going! Here are three times you can wear that fabulous new outfit! *At a party: Pair your ensemble with fancy jewelry and fun shoes for a festive look. Finish off the ensemble by using makeup to draw attention to your eyes or lips. *Casually on the weekend: If you’re going for comfort but still want to show off your new piece, put together an easy outfit like jeans and tank top with flats for comfort, but wear those beautiful earrings from that day out at the mall. *At a wedding: Your dressier options include pairing heels with an elegant clutch and some sparkly earrings (or other statement jewelry). For men, cufflinks can be replaced by suspenders if desired.

Wearing a dress and keeping your options open
I still remember the time I wore a dress for date night and took my pup to work with me. One night after work, I dressed up in jeans and a top and let my two-year-old daughter help me make dinner. The next day, I thought it would be funny to wear the same dress to teach a lesson on cloud types in Science class. And it was only until then when I realized how much versatility this one piece of clothing had given me in just one week! If you’re looking for an outfit you can wear multiple times, why not consider adding a little black dress or pantsuit to your wardrobe? It’s versatile enough to go from brunch with friends, office meetings, and shopping at lunchtime without feeling like you have to change clothes or go home again. Plus, if you spend all day doing errands in heels and pencil skirt, it’s nice to have something comfortable waiting for you at home. Finding an outfit you can wear more than once: What are some pieces of clothing that are versatile enough to be worn more than once? A suit is always a safe bet, but don’t forget about items like button down shirts and turtlenecks. Throw on some slacks or jeans, pair them with a blazer, sweater or cardigan, add heels and lipstick and boom – ready for another day.

Wearing a cocktail dress more than once
Of course, if you only have one cocktail dress and it’s a special occasion, then you won’t want to wear it again so soon. But if you’ve bought something nice with the intent of wearing it to a variety of occasions, then plan for it. The great thing about most cocktail dresses is that they’re surprisingly simple, which means there are few outfit headaches! For example, in an outfit where the top and skirt are different colors – either on purpose or by accident – swap out the shoes for something else with different color heels to avoid looking like an omelette lady. As far as jewelry goes, an elegant clutch can spruce up your whole look while doing double duty if you find yourself later needing a place to stash your cell phone or other necessities. And as long as you don’t break anything off, your new dress will be just fine after multiple wears. If you really need a reason to justify buying more than one dress, we’ll give you two: 1) Your favorite stores rotate their selections every season and 2) Different occasions call for different outfits. So at some point down the line, odds are good that you’ll find another piece in your closet that works perfectly with what you already own (especially since each store has its own distinct aesthetic).

Wearing jeans for more than one occasion
Even when you’re going out for a night on the town, jeans are still quite comfortable. But there are so many ways to wear them, beyond the iconic denim and blazer combo. You can use your pants as an accent with dresses and skirts, or go crazy with different denim styles. Sure, jeans may be one of those all-purpose outfits that you can’t live without, but they don’t have to always be just jeans and a t-shirt. They work just as well at dressing up some of your favorite pieces and turning them into something special–whether it’s time for an event or date night in! For example, take a simple pair of slacks and dress them up with the perfect top. The key is choosing things that play off each other nicely: try wearing black lace overtop of sleek, white slacks for an easy look or polka dots under distressed blue jeans for something more unexpected. With so many possibilities–and no worries about taking any outfit too seriously–there are plenty of reasons to let yourself experiment with how you want to style your everyday attire.

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