How Antiquated Fashion Sense Originated

When most people picture the ancient world, they imagine togas and sandals. The funny thing is that while they weren’t wrong, they only saw part of the picture. While it’s true that togas and sandals were popular in the ancient times, so were some really weird trends that we can only look back on with an air of amusement. One of those trends was fashion sense originating from antique designs. Let’s take a look at these bizarre trends and how they came about.

Clothing designers have been inspired by old styles for ages
Fashion designers have been inspired by old styles for ages. Celebrities are often seen sporting garments with vintage inspirations on the red carpet. Some vintage looks you might see include flapper dresses, simple evening gowns, and lacy gloves. These items all evoke images of classic Hollywood glamour, which celebrities have embraced with open arms in recent years. They enjoy being able to show off their fashion sense while honoring their culture’s roots at the same time.
While some people may think these designs come from a distant past, they are actually not that old: while some people may think these designs come from a distant past, they are actually not that old.

Where does this style trend stem from?
Believe it or not, the days of pencil skirts and gold necklaces is a result of evolution. What once was considered haute couture has been hijacked by modern fashion trends. When you think about it, these fashions can be quite expensive; which is what makes wearing them to a formal event so extravagant. Dressing up in such ornate outfits is a sign that you care about the person on the other side of the podium, who may have just received an award for their hard work and dedication. Wearing such fashion shows your approval and admiration for others, who may have won awards themselves from years before – this kind of reverence will never die out!

What about vintage clothing do we find so inspiring?
There are many reasons why people find vintage clothing so compelling. The first, and most obvious reason is the history it represents. This type of clothing might be over 50 years old and show a sense of style that never went out of fashion in its time. But not only does this apparel display style from days gone by, it also has historical significance as well. Many older garments were created before sewing machines were widely used, which means they were constructed with skillful handwork. As you look at these creations, you can’t help but appreciate how much care was put into their making.

Why this culture of imitation?
Western culture is a derivative of ancient culture and antiquated practices. The origin of Western culture comes from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, but many other cultures also had an influence on fashion sense as well, including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Native Americans, and Incans. People in different eras found that certain trends or clothing looks were popular in their region so they mimicked those trends for their own time period. As time has gone on, more trends have been born out of the interpretation of past trends. Throughout history we have seen specific articles of clothing rise to popularity at different points in time such as paisley prints in 1960s California or 80s go-go boots.

At what point did people start expressing themselves in more original ways?
The terms antique and fashion were two words that usually didn’t find themselves in the same sentence. Designers of the time would produce garments in a more generic form without any unique detailing to them, which made sense at the time because these garments could be worn for longer periods of time with less wear-and-tear. However, in 1856, Charles Frederick Worth opened his fashion house, placing himself and his team as visionaries of their time. They created dresses based on detailed designs, embroidery, and lace–all new concepts in the industry. They also introduced runway shows instead of relying on patrons coming into their store to see what they had available. A name was needed for this new fashion design: so they coined the term haute couture (French for high sewing).

The new trends
Many types of clothing styles exist and come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. In today’s fashion world there are those who seem to be very extravagant with the style they dress in and those who prefer simplicity. Though the two may vary greatly from one another, both are appreciated for their own personal sense of style and for attracting a certain type of audience. A key question to ask yourself is whether you want to attract someone interested in being avant-garde or someone more traditional looking.

What remains constant
The fashion sense of the ancient world is still apparent in today’s clothing. For example, while we call it a bra now, the first undergarment was invented by ancient Egyptians to flatten the chest area to prevent unwanted attention and make clothing more comfortable. Togas were also worn in ancient Rome, which are similar to robes that are worn during ceremonies such as graduations. However, unlike t-shirts and sweatshirts, they don’t have a hood or buttons on them. The word toga comes from the Latin word tegere, meaning to cover. These garments would later become standardized during medieval times with only one opening for both the head and body.

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