Fashion Icons Who’ve Made a Statement With Their Accessories

Fashion accessories can be game-changers when it comes to the overall appearance of an outfit, even more so than the clothes themselves! Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Grace Kelly have used various accessories in unique ways to add flair to their ensembles. While it’s not quite fair to compare someone’s outfit to another person’s, these fashion icons have certainly made statements with their accessories. Here are 5 such iconoclasts whose fashion accessories made them unforgettable.

Marc Jacobs

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2016, Jacobs mentions how he’s had to watch trends and fashion change as an art director. However, when he switched to designing clothing, he enjoyed being able to control the process of his designs from start to finish. Jacobs is most famous for bringing this aesthetic sensibility of disheveled chic with him into the runway show.

After realizing that young designers were just putting one look on the runway each season instead of developing the basics first, Jacobs was inspired by other designers that would be able to spend more time working on their collections before showing them on the runway- which meant time for creativity. He took these concepts and fused them together to form what we now know as Marc Jacobs’ New York Style.

Carrie Bradshaw
Whether she’s rocking colorful platform heels or oversized statement jewelry, Carrie is constantly changing up her wardrobe to suit her mood. A savvy fashionista with one of the most talked about wardrobes on television, Carrie Bradshaw’s accessories are always bold and on point. Whether it be an ornate bracelet or flashy mirrored sunglasses, Carrie Bradshaw knows how to take an outfit from great to fabulous with just one accessory. Do you need help coming up with ideas for your next day-to-night look? You’re in luck! Our partners at Net-A-Porter have curated some exclusive pieces that will have you wearing sky high pumps during the day and smashing out cocktails at night. Here are some essentials that would work well for any fashionable girl who likes to keep things interesting

Lady Gaga
In the entertainment industry, Lady Gaga is one of the most renowned icons. She’s not just a pop star and performer; she’s also known for her individual style, even wearing dresses made out of meat and bathing in milk for her 2012 video Bad Romance. Her fashion has always been extreme and avant-garde, so it makes sense that she often uses interesting accessories to make bold statements about her personal style. The singer and actress was seen on the red carpet with a cool bowler hat at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Known for her flamboyant looks, Gaga went all out with this accessory, making sure everyone knew she was there and what they were looking at. The hat wasn’t all black like other women wore; instead, it had an art deco feel with white fur trimming around the edge of the brim. And while black hats are usually worn by men (think gangsters or cowboys), this black dress accessory was able to work well on her because of its feminine touch: soft fur and velvet ribbon down the back.

Kate Spade
It’s no secret that Kate Spade was a visionary in the fashion industry. Though her namesake line did well at first, it wasn’t until she partnered with Billy Branch and Laura McFadden in 1989 that Kate Spade blossomed into the iconic brand we know today. After getting married to Andy Spade, the two bought another famous design house by the name of Jacqueline Kennedy for Robert Kennedy. The couple transformed it into Kate Spade New York. Nowadays, as one of America’s best known designers, Kate has brought elegance and sophistication to millions of women around the world who just want to feel special. In 1997 she released her first perfume, aptly named Something Blue. Since then she has created more than 10 perfumes for both women and men alike.

Diane Von Furstenberg
Born in the Belgium during World War II, Diane Von Furstenberg’s family moved to Israel when she was 12 and subsequently moved to New York to attend college. After getting her first taste of the fashion industry while interning at Vogue, she left her job as a professor at Parsons School of Design and started working on designing clothes. In 1970, she had an idea for selling dresses through what would become the iconic wrap dress—one that can be dressed up or down and adapts to many different occasions. The silhouette was so revolutionary it earned her a US patent. Over the years, Diane has expanded her namesake brand with clothing lines including DVF Intimates and Equestrian Couture; opened DVF retail stores around the world; launched handbags in 1998; introduced eyewear in 2005; ventured into footwear with sandals designed by Stuart Weitzmanin 2006; collaborated with Estée Lauder on fragrances in 2007; created sunglasses with Ksubi Swimwear in 2009; teamed up with Target for collaborations starting with handbagsand home goodsin 2011 and expanding to beauty productsin 2012.

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